How to convert Word Document to HTML File using Dreamweaver

Every we work Microsoft Office and Html. Sometimes we need to convert our Word file to Html file if we want to publish it on the internet. On that time we search as many as internet converter to done with it. No need to worry for it if you have Dreamweaver.

Dreamweaver is the Adobe Product. This is the one of the best tool (IDE)to design web site. It support almost every web programming languages. By using Dreamweaver you can convert Microsoft Office Word file into Html File.

It will not convert the file extension. It imports the content of the Word file into HTML file. By doing this is very simple.

1) Create any Office Word Document and save it in a Location is Preferred.

2) Open Dreamweaver and navigate to File menu then navigate to import option under it.

3) Select Word Document Option and then select the Previously saved file (Any file you            want) then click Enter Button.

4) Dreamweaver will automatically import the data from the Word file into HTML file You      can see the Word Document content into Design view of the Dreamweaver.

5) The content is actually present between <p></p>(paragraph Tag) in the Code window.

Actually it will not change the default extension of the Word Document.But, it import only the content from the Word document.


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