How to take Screen Shots in Android Mobiles

Learn here to take screen shots on your Android mobiles. This Screenshots are used to share your more views, you can share your new records on Games and any things. Let’s get start to learn it.

Now a days our world changing as fast as it can. we have to perform with it to get move along with others. Smart phones are one to support us to be with the world ever. Android occupies an important role in Smart Phones.

Here we gonna learn to take screen shots on Android mobiles. There are many Android mobiles there and also there are different methods to get Screen shots.

Mostly the mobiles running in Ice Cream(4.0) will support and also older version also support as well.  Navigate to the screen( Image or screen) where you want to take screen

Android Screen capture Methods
Android Screen capture Methods


there are three methods to take screen shots in Android mobiles, with this types you can take screen shots on various devices.

1) Press power button and home button simultaneously to get snapshot (Work mostly in         Samsung Devices).

2) Press power button and Volume down button mostly in HTC or some HTC phone have        power and home button as well.

3) Micromax and  Nexus also use power and volume down button

You can also use Android apps to make it work. many apps are there this is one of best app to download

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