How to Create Fork Bomb

Fork Bomb is an Virus as you know already. Virus are the programs which has been created by programmers to affect computers. Here is a type of virus which make the computers to hang and it can be recover only by restarting it. 

Fork bomb is an hierarchy process. Once started it can’t be stop until the machine gets off. One process starts another two process that two process starts four process like wise the process is goes on. This is the functionality of Fork Bomb.

Otherwise this programs make the computer to mall function. If you place this program in start up then the user can’t switch on the machine. This can be retrieved by formatting the machine (Change the Operating System)

Open up Notepad Application.

Copy paste the below cope into it.


Now save your file with the name fork (File name not to be same).But, must with .bat as extension

Once done double click it and see your machine hangs it will open more then 500 command prompt windows


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