How to Get Copy of Any Website

You can get copy of any Website to your hard drive. This can be done by doing simple workaround.   we might have want to get some website to use in offline. we can get any website copy by using as software called Httrack. This can be download as free of cost. we always need some educational website to refer in future,especially in offline. This can be easily done with HTTrack Software.

Once you downloaded and installed. Open the Application and you will be in the screen like below assign an name to the project, Select the project category and select the location to save the copying site.

Website Copier
Website Copier Pic 1
Website Copier  Pic 2
Website Copier Pic 2







Click on the next button and you will be prompted for Site URL. Click Add URL Button to add. and then click next. In the upcoming window no need to do any thing just click on the finish button Copying process will get stated. wait untill it gets completed.

Website Copier  Pic 3
Website Copier Pic 3

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