How to Download All of your E-Mails

Learn here to download all of your Emails from your inbox to your hard drive. Google allows you to get all of your’s video’s from YouTube in High Resolution.

In the list of Google services they have added any users can download there Emails from there inbox to there local Hard drive with simple steps, they let you to download your Emails by following this Link.

In First step select your default email Id or else it will select default mail id. and then select whether want to download your mails by inbox or want to download mails from your selected labels.

Download Emails

Once you have completed click on the done button and then click Create Archive Button,

An archive file will create and they will ready to download and the total size of the rar( zipped format) file will be shown. based on the size of the emails your archive file creation will take time.

[*] Also see Download All of your YouTube videos in High Resolution


Download your Emails from Inbox
Download your Emails from Inbox

then you will be on the screen just like the above. then click on the Download button it get started to download.




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