How to Add Any Website To Your Powerpoint Slides

Learn here to insert or add any website into our Power point Slides. Add-ins for the power point make it to work very simple. The one thing you have to do is download the copy of Microsoft Office edition with Live web add-ins

Sometimes we might have wants to include some of the websites in to our power point slides for describing or to demonstrate. usually take an screen shots and then insert it as an image in to the slides. If you want to insert an Live web site, make sure that you have installed Microsoft Office 2007/2010  with live web add-ins option.

Office 2007 let you to save word file as PDF files and also you can convert image into word

Adding website to Your Presentation Slides
Adding website to Your Presentation Slides

document in the list you can also add website in to power point slides. This all option can be done with the Add-ins.

Inserting any live website into your Power point slides. you want live web Add-ins. If you not having it, you can download it here and paste the downloaded Add-ins in to the follwing location  C:\Users\ <Your Computer User Name>\AppData\Roaming\ Microsoft\AddIns 

1) Open Microsoft  Power point Click on the Office Button and then click the option button.

2) In the pop-up Window select Add-ins in the left side Bar. In the bottom of the windows        you can notice the drop down box in the list select Power Point Add-ins  and then click        on the go button.

3) Your in another window click on the Add new Button and select the LiveWeb Add-ins.          In default you cannot see the add-ins then navigate to the following location select he            add-ins and then click ok/Close button.     C:\Users\ <Your Computer User                            Name>\AppData\Roaming\ Microsoft\AddIns 

4) Provide the website link you want to add to your website and then click on the next              button here you can notice that the check box is avail. In that check the box of refresh          the site for every 5 seconds box.

5) Then complete the steps and the click finish at last then another new slide is added to          your Slide show and then you can see the site loading. Based on the Internet speed it            will take time to load.

The Following Video will demonstrate the above work.



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