How to Add any YouTube Videos to Website

Learn to add any YouTube videos to your website. You might have want to add your YouTube channels Videos to your Website, YouTube let you to do this in simple way.

YouTube let you to add any of your or others videos to your website with easy steps. the one thing you have to do is, just copy paste the generated code to your site.

If you want to stick your visitors to your website with your video and you don’t want to let them search your videos on YouTube for long time. You can search YouTube efficiently with simple commands and you can able to find particular channels easily.

Just go to the description art of the  video click on the Embed and you can see the windows like this. It provide iframe tag code snippet for the particular video. you can set the width and height of the video( No need to add player ).

If you don’t want to display the suggestions videos list then take off the tick marks from the check box. Copy the code and paste it some where on your website to show the video.

Adding Any YouTube videos on Website
Adding Any YouTube videos on Website


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