How to Convert any website into PDF Files

Learn here to convert any websites into PDF file with one click. Sometimes we might have want some website pages as PDF file to review later or or to send mail. This can be easily done with  Internet Explore Browser. 

we can save any website as HTML format by just pressing ctrl+s ( to save). If you want to convert any website into PDF format you can make it. You can convert current viewing page. But, you can’t total pages in the server.

Once you created, you can perform what ever operation you make in browser in PDF file. You must need Internet Connection. You can Search, you can view any page in site and also you can comment it. All this operation can take place in PDF file.

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Convert Any Website into PDF file

This can be easily done with Internet Explore Browsers. Open the browser then to addons, select PDF add ins then you can see PDF files icon on the Toolbar. open any website just click on the icon and the give name(By Default it has the Name of the website.) in the pop-up window. then you have got the PDF File of the Website.

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