How to see any Video at High Resolution in YouTube

Learn to View any video on YouTube at High Resolution. No need of any software. One thing you have to do is to select the resolution type for the current playing video

Sometimes we may see our favourite movie or songs in YouTube. But, the resolution of the video is very less we can’t see clear video. But view High resolution video on YouTube is very simple.

You can able to view any video at High Resolution in YouTube. Just click on the Setting in the player in the quality select the resolution you want to see. By default it is 144p. If you want you can increase upto 360p. You can also see 780p and 1080p Videos. But, must use simple command to see those videos.

High Resolution video on YouTube
High Resolution video on YouTube

[*] Based on your Internet speed it will take time to load.

You can al so setup the speed of the video. By default their are 24 frames for 1 Sec. you can also able to customize it.

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