How to Add FaceBook Follow Button to your Website.

Learn to add Facebook Followers Button to your website. usually we just add FaceBook Like box to our website, it with follow button.But, here we gonna add only follow button for yours. 

Once we launched our website. usually we all open accounts in all social Networking sites and share our post or websites to all accounts. we doing this because to make blog popular. we also add Facebook like box, twitter widgets and many more.

[*] you can also add Popup FaceBook Like Button

those and all to like your page or post or for something. If you want to

Adding facebook Followers Button to your Website
Adding facebook Followers Button to your Website

Add FaceBook follow button for you. then its very simple to add to your website. First log in to FaceBook and navigate to settings. In the left hand side we might have noticed that followers link click on the link

You can notice an all the details of comments and followers are shown right there.

If you want to customize it as you can. You can also set who and all can able to do comments. you can also link twitter user accounts to your facebook accounts.

At the bottom of the page you can have the snippet of code with in

Instead of ” gopicseaatamma ” just replace  it with your username. then its ready to add. Once added its look like this.

facebook follow button preview
facebook follow button preview


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