How to Download Any YouTube Videos

Learn to Download any YouTube videos in Single Click. no need to install third party software but need to install an small plugins and also a little bit change then you can download it.

Sometimes we might have want to download some YouTube Videos. at that time we may Google for, how to Download YouTube Videos. Here after no need of third party software.

Once you decided to Download YouTube videos just copy the link in the Address Bar of the Browser. It link will like this

If your using third party to download YouTube videos software then

Download Any YouTube Videos
Download Any YouTube Videos

paste the copied URL ( Uniform Resource Locator ). then it will get started to download.

For not using third party software just add “pwn” in front of youtube in the URL like this.

then press enter it will automatically navigate you to the download page of that video. It also display the thumbnail view of the Video. the site allows you to download videos in many formats and also you can save any videos in MP3 format also.

you can also Download in following formats too  mp4, flv, mp3, wma, m4a, m4r, aac, ogg, 3gp, avi, wmv, mpg, dpg and etc,.  just Click on the format you want to download it will ask you to install an plugins just click it to install and your video will get started download.

you can use this method to download any YouTube videos in any website.  you can also download your videos in single click.

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