How to Upload Your Pictures to YouTube

We regularly used to upload our videos to YouTube. YouTube also provide an additional facility to upload your favourite pictures as well. Learn here to Upload your photos to YouTube.Google has provide many facilities to their user, In the list we has YouTube. Here you can see as many as videos in all topics . Google Has released an statistics about YouTube. In the Statistics says that more then of 60 Hours of videos are upload to YouTube in Any Single Day.

At every minute more then 700 YouTube videos are shared in Facebook and Twitter. YouTube also Available on more then 40% of

Upload Pictures to YouTube
Search YouTube efficiently using keywords

all devices. This is an new records of YouTube with this sweet record it also publish that any Google user can able to upload your pictures to YouTube and you can edit it and produce an video and upload it to YouTube directly.

To Do So, Log to YouTube with your Google account and then move to your YouTube Channel. Click on the Upload Button you will be on the upload page. in the right hand side we might have noticed that it asking for pictures, just click on the photos button and upload your favourite pictures to it.

[*] You can Upload more then one pictures at a time by press ctrl button and select pictures to upload.

Once selected the pictures just click upload button you can noticed all the photos are uploaded message. It will be on the editor now.

It’s three step process,

  1.   You can Arrange the pictures in an order as you want.
  2.   Edit pictures movement action and also you can able to add musics as background ( Default Sounds are Available. )

  3.   If you want you can increase the video playing time also once completed all just click on Upload button at the right bottom corner. it will upload to your account.

the video is public. If you want make it has private and your videos is ready to publish with your friends. The Following Video will demonstrate it.


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