How to Change the Display Language in Your Windows machine

You all have your is desktop machine. Anyone belong to your family can access the machine suppose they might feel if the language in the machine is present in our mother language then it will be better to access or else someone may ask you this doubt.  The Answer will be here.

The default display language for windows machines is English. If you want to change the display language from English to Any Other Language, in my case it’s Tamil. You can able to change it. for that you must install language pack software you can download it as free from Microsoft website in Language pack Section.

Once you get into the link you can see various language packs available select the pack you want to install and click on Get it now. It will get you to the next page click on the download button in that page. then you will be prompted with check box.

Languages pack is available for both 32 and 64 bit operating system. select which one you want then click on next button you will be prompted to Download.

Installing Display Language Packs

For installing language pack go to Start -> Control Panel -> Region and Language -> Keyboard and Language.  click on the Installing and uninstalling language button.  it will prompt you for install and uninstall language packs.  For installing click on the install button and give path to the already downloaded language pack then click next to install it. After Restarting it will convert to your own language.

Uninstalling Display Language Packs

Follow the same procedure to uninstall instead of clicking of  install button go for uninstall and select the language pack then click ok. After restart it will be back to English.




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