Tutorial: Creating ISO File using Power ISO

Learn to Create ISO File Using Power ISO Software. Also you can able to create bootable DVD/CD through the same.

Sometime we will get some Software CD ( Compact Disk ) from our friends. we may want get backup of the CD that time we just copy the CD and paste somewhere else in our hard drive. when burning process gets completed

In case we may lose some files so that our DVD’s or CD’s might not work good. This can be overcome using Power ISO Software. we can Create ISO File in it. once installed the software open it and then click on the Copy icon on the tool bar. it will prompt for saving location select the location then hit the save button.

Then wait un till its completed. If you want to create bootable DVD’s or CD’s, Put empty  DVD’s or CD’s into the drive click open in the PowerISO then select the ISO File just created. Then click on the Burn button you will get Bootable disk once completed.

The following Video tutorial help you to make it and follow the above steps to create bootable device.


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