How to Compress Your Pictures and Email It.

Do you have lot of Pictures and want to send it through Email to your Friends. Size of the file is greater then 25 MB. Getting stucks? Then here is the Solution for that

We may go for long tour during our holidays with our friends or relatives. We will capture as many pictures as we can with our gadgets like mobiles, tablets and etc,. All friends in tour camp took pictures and want to send those pictures to others through mail. In that we may face problem due to memory size of the pictures file.

we may took more then hundred pictures with high resolution cameras, each with more then 2 or 3 MB Size. we can’t make the picture file less then 25 MB ( Only File less then 25 MB can be send through Emails  ) even it is compressed.

This can be overcome by using an Software called caesium. This file is around 13 MB once Installed you may compress your pictures.

Compress your pictures and End it Through Emails
Compress your pictures and End it Through Emails


Once installed open the software add pictures to it. You can add single pictures and also you can able to add pictures in single file only when it is compressed.

Don’t forget to set the quality percentage to 40. you can perform this operation for many files once at a time. select the same quality for all check box if it.

Then open your mail account then you can able to send it through mail or you can save it in your Google Drive or Sky drive,


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