How to Convert FAT File System to NTFS File System

Learn to convert File Systems From FAT to NTFS. In NTFS we can Store more data compared with FAT System, Let starts to convert file systems.

Hope you all know what is File systems we basically has two types of File Systems one is FAT ( File Allocation Table ) and the another one is NTFS ( New Technology File System ).

In FAT we store files in table. The FAT file system offers reasonably good performance and robustness. Still now a days FAT Method is used in Floppy, USB ( Universal Serial Bus ), etc,. Another new technology is the NTFS Here we store the file in compressed format and  date recovery is fast compared with FAT. In FAT we got two type FAT16 and FAT32, FAT16 is the basic one and works in 16 bit operation and FAT32 is in 32 bit operation.

Once you partitioned any drive greater then 20 GB or 25 GB it automatically get into NTFS file system in some times we extends the memory space at that time we generally give next (next next to install, Software users ) to make it work. default it is in FAT. If you want to convert those systems into NTFS.

we can done it by executing an simple Command in Command Prompt.

  1.                                         convert drivename: /FS: NTFS 

once executed this commands then refresh it to work. all those things are explained in the following video tutorial

we can convert FAT to NTFS File Systems  but the reverse process is not possible. Once converted we can’t reverse it.


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