How to Protect your WordPress Site From Hackers

Learn to protect your WordPress Website from Hackers.  If your website has the log in page then hackers will try to grab your and your customers /visitors details from your Database. This can be done by using the plugin.Hackers are the computer programmers they try to get into your website admin page without your permission and try to grab your user profile and your personnel details from your Database or from your server. Sometimes they may crash our server too.

They may attack your site by using  SQLInjection, Code Injection or

Protect your WordPress website From Hackers
Protect your WordPress website From Hackers

by many methods, This can be avoided by adding Bullet Proof Plugins.  This plugins will help you to protect your site from XSS, RFI, CRLF, CSRF, Base64, Code Injection and SQL Injection…

This plugins allow you to setup five different email alerts for your accounts and keep your customers accounts as safe as possible, It also monitors your website regularly and make easy of your Front End and Back End and also for many other things.

Once you Downloaded it just upload that plugin to WordPress site in the following directory.  /plugins/  activate this plugins from Plugins menu in WordPress. Your website is fully protected from Hackers.

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