How to make your Android more productive, more secure and faster than iPhone

Android is more flexible OS and more famous Operating system Compared with IOS and Windows. Learn some security measures for your Android mobiles and make it work faster then Apple iPhone

Install anti-virus software

Why have you not done this already? Malware writers are flocking to Android. We’re seeing much of what happened in the desktop world being repeated with smartphones. Android is more open, has a larger market share and is a juicer target.
IPhone is a closed ecosystem and may eventually, like Mac, benefit from security through obscurity (though I doubt iPhone will ever shrink to Mac-like numbers). For iPhone users, this is good-news, bad-news scenario. Yes,Apple does more to lock down apps and prevent third-party software from exploiting key system resources, but you are trusting one company for your security. If Apple screws up, all iPhone users are in trouble.

Android Become secure,faster then iPhone
Android Become secure,faster then iPhone

Turn on screen lock, but don’t use a pattern
The easiest screen unlocking method is to trace a pattern on your screen. It’s easier and more convenient than entering a PIN or password. However, if you lose your phone or it is stolen, you better hope you just cleaned your screen.
The oil on your finger will leave a distinct pattern on your screen. Unless you wipe it down religiously after each unlocking, the pattern lock will only deter the stupidest criminals.

Make your Android more productive

4. Dig deeper into which apps hog data
If you constantly go over your data limits, an app like Android Assistant may not be enough. Sure, you will be alerted when you are nearing your limit, but what exactly is causing the problem?
Is it Facebook, podcasting software, the MLB Gameday app? Who knows?
Well, with Onavo you can find out. The main menu displays statistics on your data use over the prior month, and it fingers the apps hogging the most bandwidth. Many of these are obvious, such as any video or streaming app, but I was surprised to see how much data Google Calendar used with its constant synching, and after consulting with Onavo, I decided to synch less frequently
You’ll also discover the apps that go online even when they haven’t been launched. Don’t be surprised to see that many games do this, so if you haven’t played them in a while, you might want to get rid of them. Otherwise, those free Android games may end up costing you money if they push you over your data limit.
For international travelers, Onavo can help you avoid (or limit) costly data roaming charges.
And Onavo is actually an app that has more octane on iPhone, for which it will also compress data. (On Android, this feature is currently limited to Ice Cream Sandwich users.)

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