How To get Back the lost Documents.

Many of us Don’t know how to get back the lost Documents. In This post I’ve Explained some steps to get back the lost Documents which as Insurance, cards, etc.,

Initially we prepared this document in Tamil. So, Some of the words are little bit tough to read. We translate this documents using  Google Translate. Hope this one not make you bore.

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However, in some cases, be careful how much ration card , driving license , bond price , an important document Insurance policy tolaittuvittu something that we see people suffering . If the phone is lost or destroyed so torn up drenched in the rain here and find how to get back .

Insurance Policy !
Access to whom .. ?

The branch distribution policy .

What documents need to provide ?

Address proof , ID proof and photo copies of the attestation Notaries public are posted on the premium paid and a voucher for a copy of something .

How much is the fee ?

Product documentation must pay a fee of Rs .75 . In addition , the amount of coverage to 20 per 1,000 in the cash rate according to the amount of coverage must pay .

Time limit : 15 days, a copy of the document available to the application .

Procedure : If the draft policy letter requesting that the application will give the two documents . I want to type a document in a document of 80 rupees . The policy document is lost in the details asked for in the form of question and answer , fill it with notary public approval , the documents must be attached to

Rating List !
Access to whom .. ?

Head teacher of the school and the district education officer .
What documents need to provide ?

Score a copy of the list , the replacement certificate , receipt of payment .

How much is the fee ?

High potuttervu ( 10 – Class E ) Rs 105.

Higher potuttervu ( 2 ) of Rs .505 .

Time limit : 60 days after application .

Procedure : In a complaint to the police ‘ could not find that the certificate vankiyapiraku , previously attended school / company bought by the application and fill it with taciltar kaiyappam to buy . A letter along with the application and attachments must be sent to the district education officer . On the basis of these figures, published in the Gazette and send to the school director tervutturai . Candidates must be sent directly to the office of Director of individual choice . Degree and have more access to higher education to the universities concerned .

Ration Card !
Access to whom .. ?

Regional food supply in rural areas Officer , Regional Assistant Commissioner of the Department of urban food supply .

What documents need to provide ?

Something missing or a copy of the identity card, family card

How much is the fee ?

When buying a new ration card to pay Rs 10 .

Time limit : 45 days after the application is received .

Procedure : aluvalaritat relevant information on the disappearance of specific needs , they will have to complete the application . The new card will be sent to the family after their investigation .

Driving Licence ?
Whom to approach ?

District Transport Officer .

What documents need to provide ?

Old license or ID copy .

How much is the fee ?

Fee Rs .315 ( light and heavy vehicles ) .

Time limit : one week maximum application video .

Procedure : In a complaint to the police , they vankiyapiraku District Transport Officer to apply for certification .

Pan Card !
Whom to approach ?

Authorized agents or income tax , will provide Pan card .

What documents need to provide ?

Two passport size photograph , copy of identity proof and address proof .

How much is the fee ?

Government to pay Rs 96 to Rs .

Time limit : 45 days after application .
Procedure : PAN card application kareksan buy weed on the specific details required to apply .

Document stock market !
Whom to approach ?

Registrar of the respective company .

What documents need to provide ?

The police certificate , a copy of the document or folio number .

How much is the fee ? Alone and do not need to pay the fee , but the market value of the shares to be paid in accordance with the stamp fee .

Time limit : 90 days from 45 days of application .

Procedure: Write down the first letter of the company concerned . In its complaint to the police department to purchase the certificate . Value of the shares in accordance with the company stamp of approval letter must specify the amount . Some companies advertise in newspapers that publish .

Bond price !
Access to whom .. ?

Deputy Registrar Registration Department .

What documents need to provide ?

Police letter , published in magazine advertising , notary public for anyone that did not come from the mind of one’s pledge , survey number details .
How much is the fee ? Document fee of Rs 100 . Apart from this , in addition to 20 rupees per page .

Time limit : available in a few days .

Procedure : Missing bond price given in the complaint in the police station to get a certificate from them . Missing Information specific to advertise in the newspaper . Registrar itarkupiraku aluvalam to go pro .

Debit card !
Access to whom .. ?

Branch manager of the bank concerned .

What documents need to provide ?

Account -related information .

How much is the fee ?

Rs 100 .

Time limit : one or two days , or a maximum of 15 days , depending on the bank .

Procedure : Missing Debit Card customer service center information to the bank , thereby to prevent fraudulent transactions natakkatavaru . He then informed by letter of the relevant branch to request for a new debit card .

Rooms strap !

Access to whom .. ?

Taluk .

What documents need to . ?

Copy strap application .

How much is the fee ?

Rs 20 .

Time limit : available in a few days .

Procedure: First, the petition must taciltar . At the suggestion of the Village Executive Officer ( vieo ) , revenue inspector must obtain the approval . This applies for the taciltar office received the copy of the strap .

Passport !
Access to whom .. ?

Regional Passport Offices .

What documents need to provide ?

Police certificate , old passport copy , the application of 20 rupees stamp .

How much is the fee ?

Rs .4,000 .
Time limit : If the remote tirunt 35 – 40 days from the ‘ lost abroad, but it will take more time .

Currently : lost passport was found in the area and provide a report at the police department to purchase the certificate . Register to get lost in the details of 20 rupees stamp . Notaries Public in the signature of one of the regional passport office to apply . After further investigation , they sent a copy of the passport on the basis of its cast .

Credit card !
Whom to approach ?

The company’s customer service center .

What documents need to provide ?

Credit card details lost .

How much is the fee ?

Rs 100 ( நிறுவனத்துக்கேற்ப vary ) .

Time limit : 15 working days.

Currently : lost credit card transactions should be discontinued immediately and provide information to the customer service center . If you would like to request another card to replace a lost card to cast your fifteen working days . Showing proof of identity must buy .


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