How to convert mailto hyperlinks into a Contact form

Learn how to convert mailto command into contact form using a single line of JavaScript code into your website or Blogger template.

Many websites use contact us form separately to make their visitors to get touch with them or else they will use the single line html code to send mail to them by using mailto commands

Converting mailto Links To Contact Form

As I told in advance many websites use contact forms for the visitors and they want to hide their Email address. So, They were use many External Email Software’s and their requirements is to hide Email Id and also wants their visitors to get reach them.This can be done easily with Squaresend. Squaresend offers an way to make mailto into an Contact form
With just adding an single line JavaScript code to your Website Template. For that you need to do simple procedure only. create an account with Squaresend with the Email Id Which you want to make an Contact form.

Then Paste the following code into your website template.

<script src=”//”></script>

Once it get completed your inline contact form is ready and also you have hide the Email Id. Then Click the Email link it will work as mine. Click the following link Inline Contact Form

Incase of Blogger account holder. Login to your account then goto your dashboard slect the layout and then select Edit Html paste the above JavaScript code then save the templates.



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