How to speed up your system.

how to improve the speed of your system Because many of them got an nice configuration system but their performances is low
I just came out from java platform to do an post about speed up your systems. Because many of them got an nice configuration system but their performances is low, The user don’t know how this is happening.

This all is due to by ours only. we install as many software as possible, more then  four browsers many chatting software like gtalk,yahoo, digspy many desktop widgets and many more softwares make your system process low.

The way to speed up your system is to uninstall all the unwanted softwares from your system while uninstalling use Revo Uninstaller. Because, If you uninstall any software through control panel (Start -> Control panel -> Add or Remove Program) some of the files are still present in regedit.So,our system consider still that software is working so use some uninstalling software to remove it completely.

The next step is to remove the temporary files from our machine. Goto Run in start button or else press windows key + R to open the run box and then type as ” %temp% ” like as follow.

Run Command
then click ok. A window will open with lot of files select all the files by pressing  ” ctrl+a ” then delete all. if some of the files are not deleted then skip it simply.
Don’t keep files in recycle bin. clean recycle bin frequently. remove browser history and cache memory history frequently using softwares. But, I request you to use  CCleaner
Don’t keep many software icons on desktop and don’t keep lot of files in My documents, my pictures, my videos and  Generally don’t fill the C local drive.
frequently do data defragmentation so that we can retrive the harddisk waste spaces. remove the unwanted softwares running in startup
To remove the startup programs follow the steps Goto -> start-> start up -> select the program -> right click on it  and then delete it. Like as follow
To Remove startUp programs
low hardisk space is also an causes for slow processing.
Hope this post is usefull this steps can used in windows xp, 7 and 8 tooo……

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