How to copy command output to the windows clipboard.

Command prompt always occupies an important role in windows operating system. Here this post will explains you how to copy the command prompt output to the windows
If you want to see the contents of the folders and the directory. the DIR command will come for rescue. you can also type the commands in lower case. The “Dir’ command will display the contents as follow as it display in the below picture.

Output of the “dir” command

As the computer user you may come across the name of pipeline ( | ) operator. if you use the pipeline operator with the dir command you can copy the output of the commands to the windows clipboard. So, That you can paste the output to wherever you want.

The command is ” dir | clip “, This command won’t produce any output, It just take the cursor to the next line. But, it copies the content to the windows clipboard.
Like the above command we have some more commands too.
dir | clip      -> Copy the directory contents to the windows clipboard.
tree | clip    -> As same as the above command. But it copies the whole tree structure.
ipconfig/all  -> Display the whole details of the network connection.

start            -> Start the application which we type. Example: start notepad.
print            -> print the particular file. Example:  print filename.file format
The ” clip ” command is not available in windows XP in that case you can use > or >> operator to copy the content to the clipboard. otherwise right click on the command prompt and select the mark to copy the contents.
Following video will demonstrate the command output methodology.

Video tutorials for copy the command output to the windows clipboard.



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