How do you know your password is secure enough or not??

Learn how to set securing password to your account and learn how to set passwords more securly

Is your password is secure enough??.. Let’s see. We normally set password to our account as simple as possible which will be recall by us very soon.Mostly our birthday, pet animals name, lovable persons name or their birthday and etc.,  which is secure enough and its fast recall too.

Whether you know are not this kind of passwords can be easily found by our closest one. Without knowing hacking and all. This will be shocking to someone or joking to someone. But, this is the reality.
I’ve already discussed about Setting secure password to our accounts previously.But, This post will make you to know whether your password is secure enough or not. we normally set passwords with ‘Abcdef’ in character and ‘123456’ in numbers. This kind of numbers are playing important role in our lives, Example ATM Card pin no., Credit card no and many more. If this pin no is known to someone that will change our lives totally.Over 90% of world people’s set password only with small letters Ex. a,b,c,d…. This has been found from the survey taken by BloomBerg.

This Bloomberg survey said ” More then 50% of People set password only with abc and 123.This password can easily found by an hacker within 10 to 15 mins. If we use password with Uppercase letters, Lowercase letters, Special characters and Numbers. That will make an hacker to find our password over 44530 years. and they suggest us to set password in 9 characters instead of 6 characters.”

Usually hackers use matching algorithm to find the passwords of users accounts. Search is depends on small letters first, then capital letters then numbers then special characters. This take more times to find the password.

Time taken to find your passwords. check hows yours???

if you set 6 characters passwords. the small letters password take 4 hours and uppers case letters take 10 days and Numbers and specials characters make 18 days to find.

In the same manner 7 letters passwords totally take more then 45 hours to find it. 8 letters password makes more then 5 hours to find it. and lastly as per Bloomberg survey, 9 letters password take 44530 years to find it.

Hope this post will help you to make your account as secure as possible and to check whether your password is secure or not. Beware of your password here after.



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