Windows Installer Service Could not Be Accessed in windows xp

 Here i gonna to show how to resolve the Windows Installer problem in windows XP,
You may notice this Error while  you installing any software in your system. In real time I got this error in my system while installing java development kid. I’ve post here steps here to solve the windows installer problem. I thought that this post may help you, I hope on it. Let start the process..
 Steps to resolve the problem:
  1. Click on Start  Button on your system Taskbar.
  2. Select Run or press windows key + R to start the Run dialog box.
  3. In the field, type cmd. It will open windows command prompt.
  4. Click OK
In the command prompt type the following as i given here.
msiexec /unregister  press enter then
msiexec /regserver  press enter
it will lead you to next line.. then close the command prompt and then install the software again, you can install software without any error

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