Java Learning For Beginners

This post is based our visitors queries. We will start to post java Programming Languages examples from beginning. Hope this post will help lot. Let’s get started.
Java is one of the programming language. Which is purely based on OOP’s Concepts and High level language too, Java was introduced by James Goslings and Mike Sheridan who are all working in sun micro systems, they first called this language as oak later they changed to JAVA. They just want to create a language that should be platform (Operating Systems) independent. That means we can write programs in any operating system and that can be compile and executed in any operating systems.
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The only things we need in order to develop java application is Java Virtual Machine (JVM) and Java sdk(Standard development kit). This can be downloading from their official site free of cost.
We can develop many applications like microwave oven, washing machine, mobile application and apps for cars, web application, graphics and many more. Compare with other languages java occupy less space in memory and execution time is also very less.
I straight away go to programs without explaining oop’s concepts (Hope you all know c and c++ ) Every java program should have minimum one class in program we can use more then one class. But, should have only one main method in it.
As we use include Statements in C and C++. We have to use import statements in java.
Many classes are predefined in java we just want to import those to our programs. Java is the case sensitive language.
We can use comments in java too there are two types single line comments and multiple line comments.
// I’m single line comment
I’m multiple Line Comments.
From Techmarketworld
Many editors are available in market for Java application development. One of the famous editor in eclipse IDE(Integrated Development Environment). we can download eclipse from
Let’s see the World famous Hello World Program in Java.
// Program gonna print only Hello World.
The above statements is the first statement should be written in java program. “”  is the package and  ‘*’  represents all the classes under  “io”  package.
Public class first {
     Public static void main(String argv[]) {
                                    Body Of The Program;
First line is the class declaration. Name of the class is first within the flower braces there is main method, In between open and close braces there is a statement called “String argv[]” that represents java will consider input only as string. Within main method body of the statements should be there.
System.out.println(“Hello World”);
Above statement is the printout statement in java. Println will get cursor to the next line. We can also use print which will keep cursor in the same line.
The whole Hello World program is:
public class first
   public static void main(String argv[])
       System.out.println(“Hello World.”);
Execution Steps For Java.
Goto run type cmd then in command prompt type
Set path=”Java Location”
Then type the compile command.
Then type run command
Java first
Finally Sun Microsytem is under Oracle Corps. Setting path and execution will be next post.

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