How to reverse a given String in Java

Learn how to reverse the given inputs in JAVA. Previous post will explain how to revers the given number

The Below Post Will Explain You how to Reverse the Given String By a user.; 
public class stringrev {
        * @param args
       public static void main(String[] args) {
              // TODO Auto-generated method stub
                     String name; //Declaring A variable

                     System.out.println(“Enter Your name”); //Just an Statement To print

                     DataInputStream ds = newDataInputStream(;

                     name = ds.readLine(); //Getting input to the variable name.

                     StringBuffer as = new StringBuffer(name);

//passing given string to the Stringbuffer class.

                     as.reverse();//Reversing the given string

                     System.out.println(“The Reversed String is:”+as);

// Displaying Reversed string as output 
              catch(Exception ex)
                  // If you want to show any user defined Error Message You can give here.


Enter Your Name:  TechMarket

The Reversed String is: tekraMhceT

I’ve Posted with comments for every line. If this comments make you not comfortable with the post. Please kindly do inform me so that i can avoid those comments in next post.  


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