How to set a Secure Password for your accounts

Learn how to set a complex password and how to remember the password in short time.

Securing Password:

      Password is used to secure your account. For that we need to set the password which can’t be found by anyone.So, many accounts asked us to change our password for every 3 to 5 months. Many of us have got the thought how to set the password which can’t be found by anyone?  
       hope this post will fix that one. Many experts says that. to set very secure password it should be like this
“Dwcvb4$52Lp” But this is somewhat difficult to memorize it. but the above one is very difficult to find. isn’t it????????
      To set the password more secure. following steps ” Select randomly any four letter word for example consider this ‘ wind’   and then select another four letter like ‘ form ‘ “. It may like windform. which is very easy to remember  then “Dwcvb4$52Lp ” and very tough to think on it. So it may help you. If you want to set the password which include alpha numeric characters then it is very simple randomly select any special character like @,>  and (. then you can set your password like “windform@>”, ” wind&^*form”, mrofdniw”
“mrof23()**wind” and many more.
       Otherwise you can go for the google search to find the online password generator. which will work based on the criteria set by the user.
        Hope this post will help you thank you. Catch you later.       

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