Operating System Booting Process Part-2

Operating system ( OS ) is act as an interface between computer user and computer hardware.
here explained all the process of operating system. Let’s get started.

I’ve posted the Operating system Booting process,POST and BIOS details in previous post itself.
If you want to read from the previous post please click the below link. 

Kernel Loading:

               During the the kernel load sequence, the operating system components are loaded into the memory. ntldr loads ntoskrnl.exe file where the windows os kernel is present. but its not the full initializing of the operating system. after that ntldr will load the hal.dll file then HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM registry key loads and ntldr read the select key to determine which control set loads.If any bios load problem then ntldr/windows os will load the ntbootdd.sys device driver.

Logon Process:

                       When we enter into the process of logon in operating system. Winlogon.exe will load the local security authority (LSA). it will load the basic drivers and all  the backgrounds services. once the user successfully logon then all the services belong to the user are load and then clone the settings to last known good boot.

Step by step loading of os files:

                    1.    ntldr (first loading file)
                    2.    boot.ini (Os partition and basic files are loaded)
                    3.    Boot.sect.dos ( This one is optional one. it was used in the windows 98,95..)
                    4.     ntdetect.com  ( checking for the physical memory )
                    5.     ntbootdd.sys ( this file is also a optional one) 
                    6.     ntoskrnl.exe  ( this file will load windows kernel  )
                    7.     hall.dll ( will load all the files in windows OS )
                    8.     system
                    9.     basic system device drivers.
all the system devices drivers are placed in the location of
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