Operating System Booting Process

Operating system ( OS ) is act as an interface between computer user and computer hardware.
here explained all the process of operating system. Let’s get started.

Operating System:
                  An operating system ( OS ) is a software program that enables the computer hardware to communicate  with Application Software, drivers. Without a computer operating system, a computer and software programs would be useless.

Booting Process:
                 When you switch on the system your system will get initialized  that is called booting. which will initialize all the hardware and there components ready and then load the default operating system to operational.

Machine working with windows OS will follow the same procedure as given below: 

POST( Power On Self Test )
                 When you switch on the your machine. the pre-booting process get initialized. the computer will run POST to check the physical memory and other hardware components. If you using any plug and play BIOS it will check it and configured. the master boot  record will run on the physical memory and load Bootstrap to initialize process.

Boot Process:
                  Booting process Will initialize the OS File Called ntldr to start OS. when windows XP machine use all the reserved memory to load the ntldr file ( free physical memory will get from POST). 640Kb is the reserved memory for Ms-Dos.
If we install Multiple OS on our machine. after completing ntldr process Boot.ini file is configured to select the operating system, .ini is the initialization file.it will show you the following message “Select any one operating system. Otherwise default os will be load.” If we install windows system ntldr file will load the ntdetect.com file
                   If non windows Operating System is select then ntldr will load the bootsect.dos. If no changes makes the default Operating system will load.

This post is upto loading Operating system. About kernel and logon process will explained in next post. 

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