Matrix Effects on Windows 7 by using Batch Programming

This gonna be new session on creating batch files and working with Command Prompt. To we will about creating batch files and how to produce matrix effects on windows 7.
This is very simple coding which will help you to produce matrix on command prompt. like the below image

Creating Matrix Effects on Windows 7 Using Batch Programming

I’ve taken this image after i stopped the matrix effects…..Lets start the command prompt programming
first open notepad. hope all of you now how to open it….
open any editor. in my case I’ve used notepad++

just write the following code.In between I’ve used comments please note it.

echo %random%
goto first

our simple program is completed and save the file with .bat as extension. For Example.File_Name.bat ( Extension  For Batch Files.)

now just double click the file to run the program. you will see the matrix effects on screen.

I hope it will help you, Don’t forget to share this and  like this.


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