Basic of photoshops

Photoshop is the first and basic tools to edit our pictures, here we explain how to use the feather model photoshop.

Hai…. We are here to teach about how to make a images with the help of photoshop…. using this following steps this will be helpful….
1. Feather Model:
  • – Click File -> Open and select any pictures.
  • Click the Rectangular Marquee Tool and right click on that selected rectangular box,
  • select feather option and fix a feather range like 10 or more than 10.
  • Click File ->  New or Click File -> Open and click on the selected feathered image.
  • drag it to the new blank image or any pictures 
  • you can resize the image, when done save that current image.
  • Another option is there for selecting only the shape or object like structure.
  • On the new image, Click on the icon called Magnetic Lasso Tool or Polygonal Lasso Tool for line like structure.
  • click the point and just drag it over the structure or shape you want it.
  • But be sure set ur point where you from the point to get selected.
  • then same procedure select some feathers and drag the selected image to the new image or any pictures.
  • save the current image.

Next Step ill be post on later Thank you 🙂 :)….  Also u can view this in video by clicking the below link..


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