Winsock Fix for Windows 7

The Windows Sockets API, or Winsock, defines how Windows services and software can access network services such as TCP/IP and the Internet. If Winsock is not working correctly, you will be unable to access many different network services, including the Internet. If your Windows XP Winsock key is corrupted or not working correctly, the best way to repair your network is to reset or reinstall the Winsock software.
A Winsock fix for Windows 7 is greatly needed to reset and repair your winsock catalog in Windows 7.
Many people regularly have problems with their winsock and TCP/IP connections, because they can get corrupted so easily.
Often connection problems are caused by malformed winsock entries and invalid LSPs (Layered Service Providers). LSP entries are responsible for managing your inbound and outbound internet traffic…
Hope you will enjoy..

WinsockFix is a great utility to reset and repair Winsock. It’s probably the best and quickest fix for all connection problems. WinsockFix was written for Windows 95, ME, XP, 2000, so it wouldn’t use on Vista on Windows 7, but if you are still on Windows XP, I would recommend the tool.
Fix Winsock Manually on Windows 7

1. Open up the command line utility and enter:
• netsh winsock reset catalog (resets winsock entries)
• netsh int ip reset reset.log hit (resets TCP/IP stack)
2. Reboot your PC

let have some screen shots

1) this pictures shows the first step..

winsock problem for windows 7
it shows the first step in winsock in windows problem..

2) This pictures shows the second step..

winsock problem in windows 7
this shows the second step in winsock in windows 7


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