Draw ATM Cash Using Your Phone – Goodbye Credit and ATM Cards

Automated machines are amazing. From vending cupcakes to money, they make our lives easier. Now a new technology is set to change the way we use ATM machines. Using this technology, you can withdraw cash from ATM with your phone, instead of using credit/ ATM card. The system is known as NCR Mobile Cash Withdrawal system, where the ATM machines are used to withdraw cash without using any card.
An app on your phone (iOS or Android) allows you to access the ATM. Your PIN and account details are saved on your phone and you simply transact amounts via your phone. It requires a 2D bar code to be scanned before the whole procedure starts.
This technology is brilliant since you become safe from fake ATM machines, skimming frauds and all such kind of troubles. The existing ATM machines require no additional hardware upgrade, only a small software update does the job. The company is hoping to select partners before rolling out the system for public access. Watch the video below to see how it works

But one important things is, If some one watching we are using phoe to withdraw amount what will happen??????????????? Security constraints May be less


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